Mozbii for iPad and Tablets ─ ColorXplore Color Capturing Bluetooth Stylus

Mozbii is the world's first color picking stylus specifically designed for kids and adults with creative minds
  • Discover colors and find inspiration! Let children interact with the real world and enhance their senses and interests

    Integrate virtual and reality – expand your child’s intelligence through drawing, interaction, and learning ABCs and numbers

    Won 2015 Taiwan Excellence Award and KICKSTARTER fundraising success

    Available on iOS and Android, with many different free APPS for multiple possibilities

    Share your child’s creations instantly – the best gift for your child

    Boost physical rhythm and movement, along with your child’s observation skills

    Simple and safe to use with a magnetic charger

    Made in Taiwan. Product complies with EN71 & CPSIA European and American child safety certification

    Usable with iPad 3 and newer models, iPad Air, iPad Mini, Android 4.3+ with Bluetooth LE Table (e.g. GALAXY Tab, Miui MiPad, Lenovo YOGA, Asus Fonepad  and other popular models)


Product Info

  • Education of the Future: combine reality with technology and spark your child’s curiosity in the world – the more they play, the more they learn!

    The face of education is getting a makeover - Mozbii guides children from a physical to virtual world application! Combined with our globally recognized interactive APPs, let your child gain a perspective not found in textbooks. Inspired through the simple observation of children playing, combine their natural activeness with a force of creativity.

    World's Best Smart Stylus Pen and color matching pen!Really capture color.

    From one small canvas to a 360o accessible experience!

    65,000 colors available as an art palette!

    Mozbii ColorXplore Color Picking Stylus is a color capturing Bluetooth stylus/pen that allows interaction with the surrounding environment and inspires curiosity and learning in children! For both children (3+) and adults, the ColorXplore Stylus can capture color from any objects, such as animals, plants, skin, clothes and more! Kids are encouraged to explore with increased powers of observation, imagination, and mobility. With Mozbii ColorXplore Stylus, creativity is not limited to only a range of 24-36 colors – rather, 65,000 different colors can be identified, taken from the world, and transferred onto the creative canvas of the tablet.


    Interact with our APPS to learn ABCs/Numbers/Drawing/Life Skills naturally!

    Mozbii isn’t just a pen - it can help play music, learn English, recognize numbers, and learn about fruits, as well as being a platform for interactive games! With a variety of free apps, available for download on iPad and tablets, the ability to use Smart Devices to learn creates smarter learning opportunities for kids, and helps them develop skills for future successes. Get started today!

    An empty sketchbook, to fuel inspiration:  take colors from your surroundings , create your own palette, and enjoy unlimited potential.

    Assorted Line Art, for broader perspectives: With all kinds of artwork available as templates, children can learn from their surroundings and apply it to a similar picture! Recognize colors and shapes through multi-sensory learning.


    Learn Numbers and Animals: Take advantage of the capabilities of early childhood memory and get familiar with numbers and animals while drawing.

    Learn ABC’s and Types of Fruits: Use the preset colors, or scan in some of your own from real-life fruits! Draw the fruits and learn English simultaneously.

    Play Music: Change the keyboard to various colors. By playing music and percussion, kids practice their visual and auditory skills.

    Interactive Games: Kids can play with each other, or with family members! Make your own color swatches and interact through the PAKINGO game.

    Mozbii uses the 5 senses to create a dynamic learning experience!

    Parents and teachers can prepare objects for kids to interact with, in order for kids to learn from the 5 senses – touch, sight, smell, taste, and hearing. By bridging the virtual and physical world, children can interact with objects (plants, animals, clothes, etc.) while capturing colors. In addition to the visual aspect, hearing, smell, and taste can be added to create an impressive dynamic learning experience!


    Mom: What fruit is this?

    Mandy: A pear. 

    Mom: Right! What do pears taste like? Mandy, do you want to try?

    Mandy: (picks up the pear) It smells like…like it tastes really good! 

    Dad: What color is it?

    Mandy:It’s green.

    Dad:Good! Let’s capture its color, and Mandy can color the pear in the picture.

    Mandy: (Uses the ColorXplore stylus to capture the color from the fruit)

    Mom: Now that you’re done drawing,let’s eat the pear!

    Mandy: Okay!

    Dad: How do we spell the word ‘pear’?

    Mandy: P-E-A-R, pear!

    Take Learning from 2D to 3D – Create Origami and Greeting Cards with Your Child

    Parents and children can craft together! Whether it’s drawing their own greeting cards, paper airplanes, all kinds of origami patterns, or downloading free line-art from the internet to the APP, finished products can be printed out and added to the child’s collection of crafts.

    Strengthen Expression and Organization by Combining Drawing and Reading

    Parents and teachers can download line-art online, or take a picture of pages in a picture book that allow kids to read and draw at the same time. The story acts as a stage – when kids finish coloring, the story is also finished! The drawings can also act as a visual guide, helping children organize a story’s sequence when they retell it, allowing them to boost their expressive abilities!

     For Younger Children: Choose simple stories, pick key parts of the plot to turn into line art, and start coloring! Parents and teachers can go through page by page, as guidance when kids start telling stories.

     For Older Children: More can be added to the original storyline! After kids are finished coloring, you can ask them to explain the story page by page.

     Save finished story books within the APP, and share them on Facebook and through email with friends. You can also print out the drawings to give kids a storybook of their own creation!

    Add photos, maps, and more to draw on and create with -

    Easily save artwork to look at later!

    Words, doodles, and different textures can be added to pictures on Mozbii-Coloring Book APP. Turn them into photos from special occasions, or your child’s painting and learning records – all can be kept on your Mozbii.

    Stickers for Special Occasions

    Tag Special Occasions

    Save any image from the Web, and use it as a canvas

    Take a photo, and decorate it with your own doodles

    Art From Every Stage of Your Child’s Life

    Create a Greeting Card + Send to a Friend    

    Print Your Child’s Art onto a T-Shirt

    Use the Mozbii-Coloring Book  APP to Draw a Race-Car

    Mozbii’s Application in Adobe Photoshop

    Share on Facebook, Twitter, or through email, with just one click.

    Every stage of a drawing can be easily retained and shared through social media applications such as Facebook, Weibo, etc. Parents can download the MozA+ APP to see their children draw in real time on their phone – so even when you’re not there, you can still share it instantly!

    Get a color in a millisecond.

    Save the ones you like at any time, for any time.

    One Mozbii ColorXplore Stylus vs A Whole Box of Markers or Crayons

    With incredible color capture technology, ColorXplore Stylus can detect a new color in a millisecond! 12 colors appear on the palette at one time – the latest color detected will then replace the oldest color if more than 12 are in use. The palette within the APP can also access any color that’s been used before, so you’re not limited to 12! There’s no need to worry about missing a color – just save your favorites and you’ll have them anywhere!


    Different brush textures are available within APPS, like crayons, markers, watercolors, and more! Mix and match to your heart’s content – one stylus can do everything.

    Magnetic CapabilitiesEasy to store

    Long Battery LifeEasy to use

    Color detector head has a handy, bendy, kid-friendly design.

    Designed for children, the bendable neck makes it easy to use the stylus on a variety of surfaces and objects, such as: animals, plants, and small nooks and crannies. Created with added durability in mind, ColorXplore is made for long term use.

    Complies with European Safety CertificationsMade of Food-Grade SiliconeEnvironmentally Friendly

    Kids can use ColorXplore without concern! The entire Mozbii stylus has been certified safe by the EU CE(EN71), US FCC (CPSIA) and REACH testing, and is made of safe non-toxic food-grade silicone. The stylus head also has a soft flexible design that prevents harm, if ran into.


    Globally Recognized

    KICKSTARTER Fundraising Success + Taiwan Excellence Award

     2014 KICKSTARTER Fundraising Success (Mozbii - World's 1st color picking stylus)

     2015 Taiwan Excellence Award

     2015 Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture’s International Award Invention Commercialization 2nd Place

     2014 Taiwan Science Award, Technological Innovation Gold Award

    Simple & Easy to Operate

          1. Download: First, download the APP wanted. Open up your iPad/tablet’s Bluetooth, and open the APP. Press the top button on the head of the stylus to begin pairing Mozbii ColorXplore with the APP.

         2. Explore the Environment: Kids can choose their favorite colors, while also observing the effect of different color changes and lines.

         3. Color Capture: Press the head of the stylus on an object to capture the color – a flexible, durable neck design makes ColorXplore applicable to any surface. Within 1 millisecond, ColorXplore can detect a color. 12 colors can be stored at one time, with the next captured color replacing the oldest one. However, all captured colors are stored in the APP memory, therefore giving an unlimited color palette!

         4. Create However You LikeUse the two buttons on the ColorXplore stylus head to choose from the 12 stored colors quickly, or choose colors from the palette in the APP.

         5. Share ArtworkAfter you’re done, you can share pictures from within the APP. From within the iPad/tablet, to social media such as Facebook, Line, WeChat, Weibo, or email, artwork can be shown to parents and relatives easily.

         6. Easy to Store: Mozbii ColorXplore Stylus is magnetic and can stick to any flat magnetic surface, such as whiteboards, laptops, and refrigerators. It’s easy to store and hard to lose.

         7. Easy to ChargeEquipped with a magnetic connecting charger, children can easily learn how to charge their ColorXplore.

    Free APPs available for download, with a variety of uses

    Mozbii-Coloring BookCreativity

    Explore colors from your surrounding to draw and paint! Use various tools within the APP to create, and share with family and friends.

     A reminder for every 5 minutes, which helps to protect eyes and eyesight

    APP Usage Instructions



    Mozbii - Letter and Number LearningLearning

    36 Kinds of Material, for easy learning of ABCs



    Pakingo - Enjoy the color around you with fascinated gameInteractive Game

    Play with friends and family! Find colors around you within a limited amount of time – it’s both interactive and competitive.



    Mozbii – BandCreativity

    Change the colors of the instruments with a simple click! Add color to playing the piano and drums, and compose new melodies.



    Mozbii - Fruit LearningPainting

    Use Mozbii ColorXplore to expand a child’s imagination, through learning about fruit! Comes with 4 preset colors per fruit.



    Mozbii - MozPeezzeCreativity

    Explore colors from your surroundings, and use various tools to create art and share with parents and friends.


    Junimong - Kids DrawingPainting



    Welcome to Mozbii! Track Updates, and Discover More Ways to Engage with Our Products.

    Mozbii Official Website:




    Product Details:

     Available Product Colors: Orange, Ice Blue, Pink, Black, White

     Suitable For: Children Ages 3+, Adults

     Compatible With: iPad3 and later models , iPad Air, iPad Mini, Android 4.3+ with Bluetooth LE Table use (e.g. GALAXY Tab, Miui Mipad, Lenovo YOGA, Asus Fonepad 7 and other popular models

     Colors Available for Use: Can capture up to 65,000 colors

     Product Life: Able to draw a total length of 80 km

     Connect With: Bluetooth LE Bluetooth 4.0

     Charging Time: 3 Hours

     Battery Life: With continuous use, 2 months; 6 months of standby time

     Safety Certification: European CE (EN71), US FCC(CPSIA), and REACH certification testing standards. Product made from utility-grade, non-toxic silicone.

     MaterialPC+ABS, high temperature resistant, food-grade silicone

     Temperature Limits: -40C to 80C

     Origin: 100% Made in Taiwan

     Product Warranty: 1 Year

     Product Dimensions: 154.3mm x 40.9mm x 19mm 

     Package Size: 190 x 60 x 50 mm /  Weight 249g 

    Product Consists of:

     Mozbii for iPad/Tablet ColorXplore Stylus Pen x1

     Protective Case x1

     Magnetic Charging Cable x1

     Color Capture Card x1

     User’s Manual x1


     Suitable for children 3 years and older. Children under 3 need parental guidance. Do not swallow. Store in a cool place. Keep away from fire and liquid.

     Color of product in pictures may be slightly off – use store pictures as reference only. Actual color is based on the physical product.    

  • Please make sure that your tablet model supports ColorXploreapp. If the tablet model is in the support list, please press the up button on ColorXplore and the the Bluetooth symbol on the app at the same time for about 5 to 10 seconds to process the Bluetooth pairing procedure. Keep pressing both of them until the pairing procedure is completed.

    for iOS, It supports iPad 3, iPad mini, iPad Air or newer tablets with iOS 7 and later.
    for Android, It supports tablets with Android 4.3 and later, equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 specification.
    for Windows, it support Windows OS with Bluetooth specification. to find out more visit our mozbii app support page for latest information. 

    ColorXplore currently has only one kind of touch pen head. Do not replace or remove it by yourself to prevent children from eating. If you have needs to replace or repair pen head, please contact ColorXplore customer support directly.

    ColorXplore can work for two consecutive months in absorbing 50 times a day and stand by up to six months.

    Color Xplore has obtained United States CPSIA, European EN71 and other certifications for children safety. It also has product liability insurance of Zurich for $1 million US dollars. This product is absolutely safe and secure.

    ColorXplore can identify more than 65,000 colors or more, but not on wind, liquids, electricity, fire, glass and reflective material.

    When using ColorXplore, please stay away from the fire source, electricity and liquid such as water, fruit juice, milk, gas stove, microwave oven, toaster, etc.

    ColorXplore can work with many apps because it provides SDK for developer to use.  the latest update on the support apps is often listed and update on please visit the page for latest updates. 

    ColorXplore adopts safe, high-temperature resistant lithium polymer battery, recharging through special magnetic connectors. You can charge it directly by plugging the USB connector to computer or USB charger. We recommend user to charge the device for 1 hr to maintain the performance of the lithium polymer battery while is not in use.

    ColorXplore itself has a built-in light, so it would not be limited by environmental light. You can also use it in the dark.

    It carries one-year warranty for non-human factor failure. For Taiwan area, it begins with invoice date; for overseas buyers, please provide serial number marked on product or warranty cards to find out.

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